Alicia Learns Vietnamese- The Saga


Episode #11- Vietnamese Listening Activity for Beginners


In episode #11 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, Alicia and Trang bring you a bonus listening activity to accompany the five-part mini series on Vietnamese vowels found in episodes #5-10! Using the vocabulary from these lessons, Alicia has constructed some silly sentences to give beginning students the opportunity to listen for these words in real sentences. Here's Trang reading them aloud with the audio and subtitles both in English and Vietnamese. 

Episode #10- Learn Vietnamese Vowels (Part 5/5)- U & Ư


Trang and Alicia are here with the final piece on their mini series about vowels in episode #10 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese. We've got ten new vocab words for you today and plenty of practice with tones and the vowels U and Ư.

Episode #9- Learn Vietnamese Vowels (Part 4/5)- O, Ô & Ơ


In episode #9 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, Trang and Alicia serve up your weekly helping of pronunciation practice and vocabulary. This week, we're focusing on O, Ô & Ơ.

Episode #8- Learn Vietnamese Vowels (Part 3/5)- I & Y


Trang and Alicia are back for episode #8 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese- part 3 of the mini series on Vietnamese vowel sounds. This week, we'll just be focusing on one vowel sound which is represented by both the letter I and the letter Y.

Episode #7- Learn Vietnamese Vowels (Part 2/5)- E & Ê


Trang and Alicia hope you enjoy part 2 of our mini series on Vietnamese vowels! In this episode, we'll be focusing on "E" and "Ê" which (in Alicia's opinion) are two of the most difficult vowel sounds to distinguish. This video series was designed to help you practice your pronunciation of Vietnamese vowels while also getting accustomed to the six tones in the Vietnamese language and learn some very useful vocabulary along the way.

Episode #6- Learn Vietnamese Vowels (Part 1/5)- A, Ă & Â


n this episode of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, she is joined by her friend Trang who will help coach her though the pronunciation of Vietnamese vowels A, Ă & Â. This is a great video for beginning Vietnamese speakers who are just beginning to acquaint themselves with the sounds and tones of the Vietnamese language.

Episode #5- Eating our Way through Huế


In episode #5 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, Alicia talks about her recent trip to Huế with her husband, all of the delicious food they ate there and how speaking even a basic level of Vietnamese changed the trip completely.

Episode #4


In this episode of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, Alicia responds to some viewer comments and shares the helpful insight of her native Vietnamese speaking viewers with fellow VLL's.

Episode #3- Vietnamese is Hard


In this episode of Alicia Learns Vietnamese, Alicia names her biggest challenges in learning Vietnamese so far. Feeling discouraged? Check out episode #2- Learning Vietnamese is Easy :)

Episode #2- Vietnamese is Easy


In this episode, find out why Alicia says that learning Vietnamese isn't as difficult as you think.

Episode #1- The Basics


This video explains a few basic things about Vietnamese and gives some background as to why I started the channel and how I plan to use it as well as a bit of my experience learning and teaching language.


Episode #12- The Rất Vui Khi Được Gặp Các Bạn Challenge


The #RVKĐGCB challenge was created to create free learning materials for foreigners who want to learn Vietnamese! Many listening activities for beginning Vietnamese learners are too fast or too complicated so I had the idea to ask native Vietnamese speakers to make short introduction videos with basic information like their name, age, hobbies, hometown, family etc. to help new Vietnamese Language Learners like myself.


What you need to do is simple, CLICK HERE to learn more.

Episode #13- What is She Doing with her Hands??


As promised, episode #13 of Alicia Learns Vietnamese explains what the heck Alicia was doing with her hands in her example video for the #RVKĐGCBchallenge. This week's video is a short one but teaches a great language learning strategy for VLL's. Don't miss it!

Episode #14- How to Have a Successful Language Exchange


This week, we'll discuss the common pitfalls of language exchange and how to make the best use of your time with a conversation partner!