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Whenever a travel destination gets touted as “cheap”, the inevitable question gets asked: ok, but really… how cheap is “cheap”?  Fret not, the Kooks are here to help you budget for your Vietnam trip by letting you know just how cheap “cheap” is... We’re stoked about being able to dine out frequently without breaking the bank. Generally speaking, bánh bao, an absolute favorite of ours, cost about 10,000₫ (43 cents) each. Prices vary depending on the dish and location but a more elaborate... Read More



We slide into our regular booth at the coffee shop on our neighbor’s front porch and she completes my sentence mid-order, “two milk coffee,” she says, chuckling at our predictability... Read More

The Pre-Van Life

Septemeber 27, 2019

Vietnam, Month One

October 15, 2019

How Cheap is Cheap?

October 3, 2019


As our 90-day visa allowance dwindled down to its final days, we brainstormed the best approach to meeting our obligatory travel requirement...“But what if…”, we thought, “we took advantage of the opportunity to get to know a little more of Vietnam and did the journey by motorbike instead?” Read More

The Road (Slightly) Less Traveled

January 20, 2020