How To: Make a Better Face Mask

Coronavirus got you down? The Kooks gotcha covered...literally!

April 12, 2020

The first thing to cut up is the pattern itself. The pattern has two sizes. Alicia rocks a small-medium mask while Arturo prefers the roomier medium-large size. Try holding the pattern up to your face to see which size best fits your mug.

Stick with us and we'll walk you through making your very own 2kooks1van Better Face Mask. Start by downloading this free pattern:

Got it? Let's getting cuttin'!

Once you've printed that bad boy out, gather your other materials and get ready to go! You'll need: enough fabric to fit the pattern FOUR TIMES (don't worry, the pictures will clarify what I mean), scissors, a sewing machine (with thread...duh) and some elastic (or other method of tying your mask to your face).

Next on the chopping block is the actual fabric. Remember how I said you need a piece FOUR TIMES the size of the pattern? That's because the pattern is just half of the mask and your mask is going to be double layered (that's right, Corona Virus, take that!) Confused yet? Check out the three photos below for clarifiation.

Now that all of the cuttin' is handled, on to the sewin'! First, take one of your pieces and fold it in half along the line marked on the pattern (where it says "Fold Fabric Here"). Next, sew the parts of the mask that will cover your nose and chin. See the three photos below if you're unclear. Also, the pattern has been updated with "sew here" on these two areas.


Repeat for the second layer of the mask.

Now that the tricky part is done, nestle the two identical layers together with the seams facing outwards (away from eachother) then sew around the perimeter to join them together using a maximum of a 1/4" seem allowance. NOTE: Make sure not to sew the ends so that you can flip it inside out.

Flip mask inside out and sew the ends closed. Top stitching the perimeter gives it nice clean look. Alternately, after stitching the sides you could iron the edges to make it look nice and crisp.

You should finish with two identical pieces like this!

Attach some straps and prepare to be the envy of everyone in line at the super market!

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