Storie'z from the Build

Storie'z from the Build is a new section of our website designed to walk you through the thinking process behind different design elements of our van. Want to know why we make the decisions that we did? Follow along to find out!

The Story of the Sink

November 18, 2020

The Pre-Van Life

September 27, 2019

To sink or not to sink? A question SO basic you may have skipped it altogether. We actually debated this one quite a bit as our van build first began to take shape back in 2018.... Read More

The Story of the Bed

January 6, 2021

The bed is the biggest part of almost any van build. It takes up the most space and therefore must be multifunctional, playing the role of not only sleeping area but also seating area, work area, hangout/general living area and sometimes even dining area... Read More