Meet the Van

The Kooks first crossed paths with their beloved van in October, 2018. They had long been in search of a vehicle that met their kooking needs (click here to read more about their pre-van woes). When this stunning 1990 Econoline 150 rolled into their lives, it was a no-brainer. For the low, low price of $750, she was theirs and there was no looking back.


The astute Kooks had noticed many people pouring a ton of time and money into adventure vehicles that they seldom had the opportunity to use. From the very beginning, this inspired them to go out and get the van dirty as often as humanly possible throughout the building process. They learned a lot from taking her out and putting her to the test. What they hadn’t realized, was that it would also make them appreciate the upgrades they made along the way even more... 


Like that one time they went to Zion in November before putting any insulation up and froze their butts off. That made their next snowy adventure post-insulation all that much cozier. Several months of navigating dodgy terrain at night helped them appreciate their new fancy LED headlights...and the list goes on.

The van build is very much a work in progress but the Kooks are very proud of the progress she’s made so far. Most notable improvements include the ice-cream-truckification (aka installation of the bubble top), the not-your-average-van-build-raised-angle-iron bed frame and the addition of Squiggles, the official van pet (lovingly tagged on the side of van by an anonymous friend while she was parked downtown).


If you’re exploring van life for yourself, the Kooks recommend checking out their How To'z section for more info about why they made the van build decisions that they did and the gknitty gritty on how to get the job done.


If you’re just browsing for funzies, check out the travel page or blog to read about kooky adventures with and without the van.